Office Management System

How well is your Office managed and how much efficient the current system is? Maybe you are obnoxious about the current operating system and want to enhance it. Or you have a good system but it costs a lot. But when you have a better option of an efficient system at low of the cost, why shouldn't you grab that opportunity? That's what our business proposition is. We can provide you the best Office management software in Bangladesh at the most cost-efficient price. You can easily manage and evaluate the student's performance, teachers report, asset management, intercommunication build up etc. in a very easy and comfortable way. Also, our software can help your organization sustain and adapt to any dynamic change of nature. The users can regularly update, check, evaluate and scrutinize each and every detail which will help you to take important decisions and meet the organizational goals.

Education is the light of our society. To enlighten people with good etiquette, a good management of nurturing is necessary. To keep track of a huge number of students and think of their development, at the same time synchronize the employee and teachers, are a huge load of pressure to the Office committee and sensitive in terms of students. A single error can mess a students life and create a harmful impact on students. To eradicate these confusions and frustrations, our Office management software in Bangladesh can claim the role.

Office Management System



  • Students and Teachers attendance through Barcode Reader

  • Students Fee receive through Barcode Reader

  • Students and Teachers attendance through Biometric System

  • Mobile SMS to parents

  • Attendance monitoring system

  • Entry Test Record

  • Interview Proforma

  • Call Letter

  • Joining Instructions

  • Institution Rules

  • Guidelines for Parents

  • Class Time Tables

  • Visitor's List

  • Cell Phone Data

  • Vehicles Data

  • Cadet's Information

  • Room Assets Detail

  • Routine Timing

  • Staff Security

  • Teacher Time Tables

  • Year Planner