Inventory Management System

There was a time when you needed a pen and pencil to note down inventory related data and later on added in a spreadsheet which you had to show to your superiors. But, it often left an opportunity for human errors to occur. And The margin of error in all the business corporations is very narrow and so very risky. For, small business it's rather more risky to have an error in its operating system. If you are concerned about it and want a precaution for it, then getting an inventory management software can be your best solution. Our inventory management software in Bangladesh will create an amazing platform for you where you can track each and every inventory related information that will help you to make important decisions. It will boost up your operational activities by creating a network of information within your organization.

  • 1. Suppliers: You can save your supplier information here with their contact details.

    2. Stock: You can add unlimited products or item here with stock information, supplier name, inventory info, barcode number etc.

    3. Customers: You can add unlimited customers name and their details like address, mobile number, email address etc.

    4. Receiving: If client back your product then this option will help you to receive the product that will hit your inventory

    5. Sales: This option help your sales person to sale your product from stock & receive the payment by cash or card

    6. Employees: You can add unlimited stuff with individual access level. Employee can use this software according to their access level.

    7. Store Configuration: You can set or edit your shop information, address, and phone number here.

    8. Barcode integrated purchase and sales system is available here.

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